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I Believe... In WHAT?

What or who do you believe in?

A God?



I believe there is but a fleeting moment between brave heart and heart break. Between living and barely surviving, between a healthy brain and a mind that seeks to destroy itself.

This moment is as wide as the universe and yet as tiny as a grain of sand.

It is what you make of it.

A chasm or a hug.

A freedom of choice can be a choice for freedom.

However it is only possible if we understand who we are.

Learn to say NO to those who pull you down and destroy your dreams.

Do not listen to those who want to hurt your soul, to those who seek darkness above light.

Pay attention to those who hold you in high esteem, to those who praise you and to those who care.

Listen to the positive people around you. Accept gifts as you would give them gifts. Understand your unique ability to add beauty to this world.

Dream it, do it and set out to succeed, whatever that means to you.

Have faith, belief and courage to do those things that challenge you.

Be not afraid, be not downtrodden, be without fear.

Walk with your head held high and your feet on the path you've lit. On that path you will find the mantra so many people search for and yet sadly don't believe.

Repeat these words every day.

"I believe in me"

Once you truly believe in yourself, you can genuinely love yourself. I don't mean arrogance. The love I'm talking about is healthy, accepting and gracious. Surely that is an obvious prerequisite to loving others.

However too many people give everything without replenishment. Nobody can keep that up. It wears down the vitality of the human spirit. It leaves people feeling unloved, unaccepted and uncared for. Love ain't like that!

Love is an eternal spring

One to one a precious gift

Love is ourselves we bring

With righteous grace the script.

Believe in yourself.

Because you matter

Because we all matter

How about you?

Will you sing this mantra?

"I believe in me"

Cheers Pete

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