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How can Pete inspire you?

Pete has been through a lot in his life. He has survived tragedy, hardship, mental illness and loss. However he has achieved one of life's fundamental achievements.

He has survived!

His experiences and attitude will help you to survive as well. Many people say survival is simply not enough. They want to go beyond that and thrive. However, we can never thrive without first surviving the odds. Pete will show you the first step and guide you towards the second.

Thriving is simply up to you. Nobody else can motivate you. Nobody else can make you thrive. It is not up to anyone else to show you the path to your future. It is up to you to ensure the future is what YOU decide.

Pete guides you on the path. He will walk the path with you, but will not walk the path for you. That's up to you. So let's begin.

Pete is an accomplished and award winning public speaker. He has authored many inspirational poems, stories and quotes. Pete has a heart that wants the best for others. He is committed to bring the best out in others. This means he will bring the best out in you

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