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What is your life's purpose?

I was never a confident person. In fact, life taught me that I would forever be the underdog. I suffered bullying, abuse, loss and mental torture. That was my life up to 2017. 

My speech coach hammers the concept of PURPOSE into me. Although she was talking about public speaking, it also applies to life. In my case, life seemed to have no purpose. However, this changed in drastic circumstances. You might say, it was an epiphany.

My life's purpose became clear. I wanted to use my life to inspire others. Hence, the knowledge I had became a diamond. My next step was to present that diamond to the world.

I have some promises to make. You will gain an incredible insight into your own talents, abilities and creativity. Your business life, personal life and self awareness can and will be amplified beyond your wildest dreams. Let's begin your journey NOW!



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My personal PROMISES 



Inspiration is not the same as motivation. Motivation has to come from within. However when motivation seems like a one wheeled broken down motorcycle, it can be kickstarted by a truly inspiring story. Inspiration can untap the passion within that provides the fuel to ignite true unwavering motivation.

There is absolutely no doubt Pete's narrative of strength and fortitude will inspire you. His story of overcoming seemingly unbeatable odds is powerful, poignant and potent. It is a journey that takes a brave honest look at subjects often hidden and swept under the carpet.

This is not your typical motivational dialogue, but Pete is not your "play it safe" typical speaker. Find out more by clicking the button below and ignite a fire that will not be extinguished.

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. "Personally, I'm not so sure about that", Pete says. Indeed, the written word can take you to a personal place that shows a unique picture.

Pete is a published author, poet and songwriter. His books have a unique way of teaching, whilst being entertaining. Click the play button opposite for a look at Pete's writing. 

Ask Pete about writing a special poem or story for a loved one, corporate copy or just for you to read. Click the button to find out more.

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Far too many workplaces are full of knowledgeable people who aren't great communicators. Today's business environment requires people who are able to speak with confidence. The International Speech Academy is the training arm of Pete's business. It offers a range of options to suit your workplace. 

For individuals who strive for excellence in public speaking, there are online courses, webinars and evaluation tools. These form an entire system that will have you ready to communicate effectively and confidently.

Click the buttons to learn more.


Business Events

Online Courses


Pete has beaten seemingly unbeatable odds in his lifetime. From being savagely bullied at school to being revived after a suicide attempt, Pete's battles have resulted in a strength that is second to none. Unlike the huge majority of life coaches, Pete has walked his talk. His creativity and positivity are well known and well documented. 

Pete has founded the Selfnotics system to bring the strength he has gained to your journey through life. Beating the odds isn't always easy, but it can be done. Impossible is really another way to say "I'm possible". 

Click the button to find out more

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In these days of instant information being at our fingertips, there is a danger of latching onto questionable gurus. Unfortunately these people draw people in, strip their devotees of their money and leave them frustrated.

Pete's promise is to keep you informed. His programmes are backed up by relevant information and news. His videos are inspirational, truthful and motivational. They are all free for anyone to share and use. 

Click below for his blog and YouTube channel

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Within New Zealand 

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Pete firmly believes in the power of giving. "It adds a dimension to life that can not be replicated", he says.

There are three causes that Pete passionately believes in. Click on the buttons to find out more. A percentage of profits from all of Pete's business ventures go to these causes. 

  • Music Scholarship fund for at-risk New Zealand children

  • Supporting the work of Cambodian child rescue NGOs 

  • Men's suicide prevention programmes

Pete is also passionate about mental health issues in the workplace. To find more about the assistance available, click the 

button below.

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