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What is your life's purpose?

I was never a confident person. In fact, life taught me that I would forever be the underdog. I suffered bullying, abuse, loss and mental torture. That was my life up to 2017. 

My speech coach used to hammer the concept of PURPOSE into me. Although she was talking about public speaking, it also applies to life. In my case, life seemed to have no purpose. However, this changed in drastic circumstances. You might say, it was an epiphany.


My life's purpose became clear. I wanted to use my life to inspire others. Hence, the knowledge I had became a diamond. My next step was to present that diamond to the world.

I have some promises to make. You will gain an incredible insight into your own talents, abilities and creativity. Your business life, personal life and self awareness can and will be amplified beyond your wildest dreams. Let's begin your journey NOW.

We are all capable of being an inspiration. In fact, we could have been an an inspiration to someone, without ever knowing.

There is absolutely no doubt Pete's story will inspire you. However, and perhaps more importantly, you will discover how YOUR story can inspire YOU. You are a world champion at being YOU. However first you have to truly find yourself.


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Personally, I'm not so sure about that. Indeed, the written word can take you to a personal place that shows a unique picture.

Pete's biographical book is called "My Life Inside a Nine Sided Ping Pong Ball". You too are capable of writing a word picture, or a complete novel. Want to learn? Here's the good part.... you CAN!

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After many years of planning and refinement, Pete has created a system that banishes speech butterflies completely. The International Speaking Academy is the result. No longer dread talking to an audience or voicing an opinion at a meeting. Speak with ease!

Pete is a multi award winning public speaker. he is known for his quick wit, audience engagement and vast communication skills. Pete is a highly sought after keynote speaker and corporate facilitator. Book early.



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